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Glenn Ferguson, Co-founder of Cancer Dogs for Quebec Science

In the fall I had the opportunity to photograph a unique assignment. Quebec Science was doing a story on Glenn Ferguson and his company CancerDogs.

From the website: "CancerDogs is a cancer screening service that uses specially trained dogs to detect the odor of all types of cancer present in a person’s exhaled breath. We developed an inexpensive and non-invasive breath sample kit that collects breath odor with a simple surgical mask that is worn for 10 minutes. Back at our facility, the breath samples are processed, placed into trays and loaded into our custom designed sniffing station where 4 dogs will systematically search, sniffing each sample multiple times."

They currently only work with fire departments, and have received samples from 27,000 firefighters since 2011 from over 40 cities in the United States including Chicago, Fort Worth, Dallas and San Antonio and look forward to working with others.

They've also been featured in a documentary called Walking Points

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