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Tamir is an organization that provides housing, programs, and services to adults with developmental disabilities.

Tonight, November 20th, they are holding a (sold-out!) fundraiser fashion show at the Canadian War Museum. Stepping Out in Style was created “to demonstrate that regardless of shape, size, or ability we all have beauty, talents, and aspirations to be celebrated.”

Many of their participants will be strutting their stuff on the catwalk. They've even been having lessons every Friday from Models International Management! They will be sporting goods by a number of brands and designers such as Hudson's Bay Company, Rent Frock Repeat, We Are Kings, Silverts, and Stunning! Fashion Accessories.

Krystal Valencia from Tamir approached me to photograph portraits of these individuals in promotion of the event, to act as 'headshots' in the event's programme, and to be displayed as a projection at the show. This sounded like a fantastic project for a great cause, and …

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