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Sexual Harassment on the Hill Feature for Maclean's

Last month I was asked to photograph a number of female MP's who would be interviewed as part of a story Maclean's was doing on sexual harassment on the hill.

There were many tight schedules to work with, but it all came together and ended in a double page spread for the magazine.

We used a Profoto D2 with a Deep White Umbrella XL with diffusion coming through a Lastolite 6x6 Skylite Rapid as the main source. We wanted the light to be from a very soft, large source and this combination helped achieve that painterly quality we were after. There was a second D2 head with another XL umbrella/diffusion combo as the fill. Triggered and controlled by Profoto Air Remote and USB.

I use a Nikon D800 with a 24-70mm 2.8 lens tethered via TetherTools to CaptureOnePro. It was extremely important to tether for this assignment to check the placement of each person in relation to one another, and leave enough room for the copy and gutter. It was also great to apply a quick colour and toning t…

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