Sunday, February 21, 2010

when one things leads to another that leads to another..

It happens to everyone, quite often for me lately as it turns out. You know, when you look at one blog or site or something, and that brings up a question you look up, or a link to another interesting thing, which leads to another, and then you forgot what you went online in the first place for? Well I completely forget how it started, but I ended up at this page. I ended up reading the whole thing. I think it's a rather interesting article by editorial photographer Doug Menuez for photographers. He talks about longevity in this business, how to stay happy doing it, and other things on the subject that I've been trying to learn all about from a variety of sources. The best things are found by accident though, aren't they? Here's a link to a Ted Talk he did as well, on a project he shot in the 80s pertaining to the birth of technology as we know it.

All of this 'one things that leads to another' business got me thinking about something my friend Sophie and I were discussing when we got together over Christmas. She is taking the advertising program at Humber and we were talking about how creative ideas come about. She mentioned that she learned about James Webb Young's book A Technique for Producing Ideas. Part of his theory is that you have to spend a lot of time researching, reading, and looking at aaaalll these different sources of information that will, in the end, all play a part in your final, unique, idea. Anyways, that seems to be what I've been doing over the past.. year and a half.. but not really on purpose. Just bouncing from one source to another to another taking in all this information on everything under the sun, but in the end somehow relating to photography, even if it seems completely off topic. You wouldn't think watching CTV news would necessarily drive someone's photography in some way, would you? Maybe you would. I certainly didn't. But as I'm nearing the end of this year, I'm beginning to realize that all these bits of information are playing a role in what I want to shoot, how I want to shoot it, and WHY. But I guess that theory can be applied to anything. Life in general I guess; someone isn't defined by a single incident, but it is rather their collective life as a whole that shapes who they are.

Wait.. wasn't this supposed to be a photo blog? I got off track again. Rambled. I'm sure you've stopped reading by now. Guess one thing lead to another again haha